Sunday, July 15, 2007

what I did on my summer vacation.. week 1

Well, it has been a long (yes most of it fun) week! Here is the long story, with a few pictures!

We were originally going to leave as early as possible, but Rich had to hit the orthopedic and couldn't get an appt until 3:20 that afternoon. We gave the boys the option of leaving that night after dinner or the next morning and of course they chose that night. So at 6:30 at night, we headed up to N.H. Through pouring, driving rain we made it to Tamworth. I got the beds made and kids in bed shortly before 10. Ouch!!

We had thought that we might meet up with my Sister in law and her family, and my mother and father in law, but they wanted to give us a break since we just got there, so off to StoryLand we went. The boys had an absolute blast. We hit most rides and except for a few, Max went on all of them. That night, my dad came up to stay for a couple of days. I love having an extra adult to watch the boys!

We finally meet up with the in laws, who also have their inlaws. It really did crack me up that their group was 6 adults and 1 4 year old little girl ;) We hit Clarks' Trading post. We had a really fun day. I felt a little silly since I was under the impression that we would all get lunch together and then found that my mother inlaw had packed lunch. So I sort of felt that we were mooching off them. The funny story from here was that we were waiting in line for a ride and the girl running it was commenting on how tall Tim was. So she asked how old she was and he said 6. Then she asked how old Sammy was (he was sitting down next to me), I told her he was 2 and everyone standing near by went quiet and their jaws dropped. Rich and I quickly laughed and told them he was really almost 5 ;)

Then we went to dinner at the Red Fox. They have face painting and a movie room for the kids. Here is a picture of Max and Sammy.

Rich left early in the morning and took my dad's truck to go back to Framingham to see a hand specialist. So my dad and I packed up the boys and took them to Whale's Tale water park. The older 2 did a ton of riding the slides. Max only mildly enjoyed the kiddie pool, but loved the lazy river. We stopped briefly along the way to grab some snacks. We then tried to go Mini-golfing, but Timmy of course couldn't stand not doing well, so threw multiple small fits, that really just got us all angry. We headed home, had dinner and went to bed.

We cleaned up the cabin, got packed up and headed out to spend the day and then go to the Mt. Washington Resort hotel for my company outing. We decided to take our annual ride up Mt. Washington. We had a total blast despite it not being a very clear day. The boys love it up there. We did find though that we can't really bring the van up anymore because even going down in low gear, the engine doesn't do a great job of holding the car back and we had to stop to cool our smoking brakes! Here are a couple of my favorite pics from our pit stop.

Max always makes the same funny face :)

Ok, this is getting long, so only funny stuff and small details...

Fri night we met up with my company and went to a party, put the boys to bed (yes we all stayed in the same room!)

We got up, had our breakfast and headed for Santa's Village. It was actually very fun and Max will tell anyone we meet that he fed cookies to the reindeer. We then headed home for naps to get ready for the next party and kids kamp. I love the fact that for free, the resort has babysitters (or a camp) for kids age 4-12! We also took turns with another couple watching Max and their baby as they slept in our room. Party was good, but didn't go to bed until really late.

We got up, had our breakfast, went to the pool and hottub (remind me why I promised them that we could go in) and then packed up an headed for home. That same rain that greeted us in NH, wished us goodbye and made the trip home a little longer. Saw some cool lightning though.

So now we're home, we order dinner out and I'm about to fold a bunch of laundry. The boys and I are on vacation again next week, but for tomorrow, we're doing very little!!

I'll post some more pictures as I get more time!

Oh, here are some of my favorite things that happened this week...

1) Chocorua Lake, will now be called Chocorua puddle (Max names any body of water a puddle)
2) Timmy can make me laugh even when I'm bawling... read a really sad book and was crying and he rolled over from nap and in a very chipper voice said, "Good Afternoon, Mommy!"
3) My Dad's name has officialy changed to "Grampa". Max yelled at me for calling him, "Dad"
4) Again telling someone that Sammy was 2! And that same ride, seeing Sammy's amazement that the house really wen in circles around us.

Ok, laundry calls... damn!


dhking said...

But Max's funny face is still always funny (the other guys are too).


JSmith5780 said...

Sunner vacation huh?

timsamsmom said...

ha ha! fixed it!