Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lunch with Lilly

I took the boys out to see my Gram today. To them though, she is Lilly :) They played a little at Auntie Mary's house, but since it is really not kid proof, we decided to head to the playground!

My cousin Katie was there, and the boys loved playing with her. Max was even impressed when Lilly sat on a swing :) Then we took them to lunch at Applebees. Lunch out with the three boys is always a little crazy, but Katie and Lilly took it all in stride. A funny story for Auntie Mary and Joey though... when we got to the house, Max was looking for Joey and I said to him, "where's Joey". And Max's answer was, "lay down couch." and he went over to look for him. This is funny since Joey is in college and is pretty much always laying on the couch watching some ball game or another when we go over there :) Too cute!

So, I promised more vacation pics and here are a few more.

Grampa and Max in the kitchen of the cabin

Sammy driving his first car... yes its on a track, but he did yell at me for making him turn around for a picture because, "Mommy! I need to watch where I'm going!"

Sammy and Syd (the best of friends) hugging before we leave Clark's Trading Post.

Riding atop a bear at Clark's...Max was too afraid to even go near the bear. (but of course wouldn't leave the cages where you could watch the real bears!!

Timmy and Daddy ride the Turtle twirly thing... unfortunately, they grabbed a dud and really didn't spin much!

That's about it for tonight. I need to go down and get the hundreds of loads of clothes that need to be folded... ya know there are many reasons that I am looking forward to Rich's hand healing!!

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