Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Not such a great day...

Well, today did not start out so great!! Intentions were good, but things just didn't happen the way I would've liked. We were going to head to a kids fun run in Harvard so that Tim and Sam could run 1 mile.

Well we got to the school and were running a little late and so Rich took Tim and Sam and went ahead. Well, we had to park far away, across a field, so originally, Max and I were walking along a side of hill where cars were parked, so I decided, that we would walk down the hill and across the hill so that neither of us fell. SO I start down the hill holding Max's hand and my right foot slips and my left leg bends as far as it can. Well, that left leg is the one that had surgery and doesn't have complete range of motion and my fall just forced it to the max range of motion.

Luckily, Max didn't fall and Rich wasn't so far ahead that I couldn't yell to him to come back. So they come running back to me and Rich tries to get me to lie down to which I reply that I needed to sit up. Well apparently, I then passed out and fell backwards (I was sitting on the grass so it wasn't that bad, but Rich says I knocked my head kind of hard.) Well, Timmy is a crying mess at this point, Sammy is quietly watching on and Max is sitting by my shoulder pulling grass. Apparently, I was out for about 30 seconds and someone saw what was going on and helped Rich get the ambulance crew. Well, I guess I came to and was disoriented and then passed back out. I just felt like I was sleeping.

So off to the ER we go. I felt much better once we got there and my knee didn't really hurt as much as I thought it would. Well it was x-rayed and there was nothing there, so it is likely that I broke a bunch of scar tissue and over stretched some muscles that hadn't been that stretched in a year. SO no soccer for me tomorrow and off to the orthopedic I go!

I felt horrible though scaring the life out of Rich and the boys. Poor Timmy has been hugging me all day!

Well, now I am off to do some work since I won't be going in tomorrow.

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