Thursday, July 19, 2007

84 hours until I drop them at daycare...

...but who's counting???

Ok, so I think that today might have been the worst so far. Don't get me wrong, it certainly had times where my children were perfectly behaved reasonable human beings. Mostly it was during "rest" time, but it really was a rough day and now I'm off to soccer.

Let's just say that my day started off by Max pooping all over the floor. We're in the midst of relaxed potty training and he mostly goes on the potty, but pooping is not consistent. WEll I knew he had to poop this morning so made him keep getting on the potty. Well, I turn my back for 1 minute and he is at the threshold of the door with poop coming out. Well he dropped 2 more pieces after that across my bathroom floor. Gross, but at least I wasn't cleaning it out of a rug!

Major chaos and uncertainty with Rich's doctors, so just to be safe, I threw the kids in the car and headed for karate. I knew we'd be about 10 minutes late, but oh well. Max is a crazy man when we go there, so 1.5 hours is a bit long, but we did get munchkins and hit the grocery store while we waited for TIm. Well, we got back and Sammy was watching Tim's class with his partially open gatorade, which Max found and dumped all over himself and the dojo. Luckily, the Sensie is great and got me paper towels and rug cleaner so I could fix her floor :(

By this time, we were unable to go visit my Sister In Law (which I caught hell from the boys for.) Well, Sammy remembered that we had promised to get them crocs so off we went. Again, I should know better at this point, well brought all three of them in where we proceeded to pull every pair off the racks before Max went running around. But $84 later, they each have them.

WE came home and I fed them lunch before asking them to "rest". My good friend 'Trouble' came over and rought me lunch and we chatted. It was good to see her. Lucky devil, she sent her kids to her parents in Florida for something like 4-8 weeks. Anyone want to take mine? ;)

Max proceeded to wake up about 10 minutes after she left and I tried to get him back down, but he pretty much wanted nothing to do with bed. Damn! So I figured, OK, I'll take them outside and get them riding their bikes. But when we walked out into the garage... it was raining, so instead I threw them in the car and took them to the library. We were there for over an hour and they had a blast. Yay!

Off we went home where I made some delicious stuffed peppers for us (and my neighbors) for dinner. And then off to soccer!

Tomorrow, we are headed to my sister in laws and then my mom's. I love my kids, but I also love when they have sleepovers at someone else's house!

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