Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fun summer day

Today was a reasonably easy, fun summer day. Although, not be able to do anything serious is driving Rich crazy, which in turn can then drive me crazy. He's the type of person, that when he's in a bad mood or is grumpy, if he goes for a bike ride or a run, he comes back in great mood. It's just his outlet. Well, the broken hand is preventing that right now, (as well as doing anything truly productive by his definition), so he doesn't have any good outlets right now. Soon, hopefully soon!

He did take Tim and Sam to a race in Worcester. It is a bike race up George st. This street is some ridiculous uphill (and I really do mean ridiculous) that he does every year and still considered this year. But they just went and watched. Max and I went and did the groceries. Which I was actually pretty impressed with myself. With the store discount card and my coupons, I saved $42. Pretty damn good!

Then we ate lunch and had "rest time". I swear at this point, naps and rest time are more for me and Rich than it is for the kids!! Then we rode bikes and scooters for a while, went swimming, and had dinner. Because Sammy is having surgery tomorrow, we let him choose dinner which was french toast sticks and sausage for the boys, I made sauteed peppers, onions, and mushrooms, and some buffalo chicken.

Finally I was able to go for a run with my friend Hollie. We are both training for a good run in Sept. It really is nice to run with someone instead of on your own!

Ok, I need to go wake up Sammy to see if he'll eat anything since he can't eat anything before the surgery tomorrow!

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JSmith5780 said...

Must have been Price Chopper. I can save big bucks there too! LOVE IT!