Thursday, July 5, 2007

Knee Sprain

Well, the diagnosis is that I just sprained my knee. I kind of figured that was about it since I can still walk, I just kind of tweak it if I turn the wrong way. He thinks that I should be running in about 10 days. Woo hoo, hopefully I don't lose anything that I had gained while running.

Spent most of the day working from home, but did see the doc and took Tim in the pool this afternoon. Then I made some really yummy pizza and took all the boys in the pool this evening.

I totally need to get some more pictures up here and will soon. I just have to figure out which ones and when.

Lots of stuff planned for the weekend, cookout at our friends on Sat., my brother comes home from CO this weekend, so we'll make the trip to my Mother's on Sun to see him and then Monday we leave for vacation. It should be a pretty fun week!

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