Sunday, July 8, 2007

"I'm an Ogre! ARGH!!"

That's kind of how my day started with the kids. I woke up kind of grumpy and Max was in rare form this morning! He unpacked both suitcases of the boys that I had packed for vacation. He dumped out the markers that I had cleaned up twice. Then I packed them up ran to Walmart before heading to my parents house for a party.

So, as I'm heading out to their house, my phone rings and Rich says, "so this just isn't funny anymore" and I just groaned. I had not been having a good morning with the boys and now I am about to hear how he crashed and hurt something! Well, another trip to the ER to find out he broke his hand. He spent all afternoon at the ER and missed most of the party (more details in a minute). He has to call the orthopedic doctor tomorrow and we'll see what happens and when we can leave for vacation.

Party at my mom's was a ton of fun. Pretty much lazing by the pool and eating cook-out food. My cousin turned 10 today and we had cake and gave her gifts. It was really fun to by a cute dress for her, since I typically just buy boy clothes. But we did totally have a blast and I think every single one of us is exhausted.

Rich and I have been packing since we got home and now we are gonna sit down and eat a little dinner.

Off for vacation tomorrow!

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