Friday, July 6, 2007

on vacation 2

Well, vacation started by taking the boys to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. I ordered a yummy black raspberry lemonade, with skyy vodka! Yes I'm starting early ;) But now the rest of the evening will be making my packing list and starting to get things ready for vacation.

Tonight the boys decided to get Max started saying, "that's mean!" SO now, every once in a while he turns around and says, "Timmy, that's mean!" out of no where, which then causes the other two to break up in hysterics.

Oh and for those of you who read and know my neighbor, she had a baby girl today!!! This is great as she already has a little boy. So now anytime I get too much testosterone we can send Bill and Andrew over here and I'll go hang out with Kristen and the baby! Gives me a baby fill and a little girl fill!

I'll take lots of pictures on vacation and post whenever I can.

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