Saturday, July 21, 2007

Shhhhh... can you hear that?

It's silence! Yes, silence in my home. It is a rare thing!

Last night at 9:30 I scheduled myself a massage this morning, courtesy of my wonderful husband who gave me a gift certificate to the spa for our anniversary. So while he took Tim to karate I went and got an hour massage. So awesome... I needed it after these last 2 weeks!

Then I did a ton of cleaning around my house. You probably couldn't tell by looking at it, but I did get a good chunk of stuff done in the living room and in my cupboards. Plus I emptied the dishwasher and helped with a load of laundry ( This is worthy news since Rich usually does all of this stuff while I'm in charge of watching the kids!)

Timmy really just hung out today until he heard the ice cream truck coming and he bolted into the front yard! Then Rich brought him to my mother in laws for his sleep over. He packed as much money as he could find so that he could play pokeno with them.

I spent most of the day after cleaning reading Harry Potter. I did go for a run and went over to visit with my sweet little new neighbor, Emily, Oh yeah and the rest of her family ;) She is so tiny and she slept the whole time. But it is amazing how once you are used to "the sway" when you hold a baby, you never really lose it. I also got to see Andrew the announcer. He is Emily's almost 3 year old brother who has about as much energy as 3 year old triplets. He is so damn cute though when he announces (into his play microphone) that you are "singing number 5 on the list, A-B-C". Too Funny.

Then Rich and I went out to dinner, nothing extravagant as we were both kid of tired, but so nice to go out alone and not have to worry about spilled milk!

Now we are just going to sit together on the couch for a while!

Tomorrow the kids come home!

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