Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Max story of the day...

So before I get to the story, we just got back from watching the Worcester fireworks. THe fireworks in and of themselves were fine although the mean spirit of some people just makes me mad. I got yelled at for parking in one spot and this older gentlemen yelled at me that he'd been there for 1.5 hours and we should get there earlier to park. He also yelled at a couple of other people too... i think he needs to find a new place to watch!

Ok, so now my Max story... this morning when I was in the shower getting ready Max was playing in the bathroom with me. Well he pulled out the scale and of course wanted to get on. So he got on the scale and up came the number... and I said, "30!!! Wow, you're so big!" So he then told me, "Mama, do", so with a sigh, I stepped on the scale and up came the number... and Max exclaimed in much the same way that I did, "28!!!"

I think that he's my favorite!

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