Sunday, July 1, 2007

Gorgeous weekend!

Weekend really wasn't overly exciting, the boys had karate and then we played outside for a while. Then I made them 'relax' in their room while Max slept and I read my book. (I'm re-reading Harry Potter 6 to get ready for the final one in July!!

Then we went to a cook-out at a friends... ok I take it back there was a little bit of excitement at the party. I did play tag for a while with all the kids that were there (all while drinking my mimosa) and chased Max around while he went up and down the swingset to get to the slide.

Then after about 3 hours we were about to get ready to leave when we here a huge CRACK and we all look over to see Sammy and their little boy Carter (whose 5) lying on the gorund with a huge branch laying across them. Well, they were both hanging on a branch (that was low enough that they oculd both reach it in the first place) and it being slightly rotted, it broke off the tree at the base of the branch. Now when I say branch it was probably 405 inches in diameter. Not a small branch.

Well, they both start screaming as soon sa they see the two dads darting towards them. Well after a minute or two or tears, I point out to them that they were so strong that they broke a whole tree. Well, they then were in instant giggles and were so proud of themselves. Sammy repeatedly told people that it was the 6 desserts that he ate which made him so heavy to break the branch. We got home at 9:30 and he wanted to call his cousin to tell her. Luckily he got out of that one with a small scratch on his side.

Today I dropped him off at his ocusin's for a sleepover and then took Tim and Max for Max's 2 year old pictures. They came out really cute!

Ok, I need to fold laundry... my husband's such a slave driver ;) Just kidding, honey!

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