Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My brain is full

I was in training all day and now my brain is full. It wasn't a topic that I didn't know about, but more the discussion around it frustrated me, but also made me take a closer look at what battles I pick to fight!

Sammy seemed to have a good day with Lilly today. For all my friends reading, Lilly is my Grammy. The boys call her Lilly as she is their great-grammy and her name is Lillian. Max is so cute when he sees her, he always goes up and gives her a big hug!

Rich did take the boys for ice cream after dinner, so they were happy. Then they passed out in bed. Camp really tires Timmy out and I think that Sammy can't wait for tomorrow when he goes back to see his friend at daycare.

I went for a ~4 mile run tonight and then jumped in the pool. It felt so good. I'm officially back on the WW wagon, so the run was important!

Ok, off to bed!

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