Friday, July 20, 2007

Only child for at least tonight...

Well, I've managed to send 2 of the 3 kids to my mother's for the weekend! She was going to take all three, but I've realized that the 2 older ones needed a break from each other. So my Mother in law will take the oldest tomorrow night so that Rich and I can go out together ... alone!

Today certainly challenges yesterday in terms of which one was tougher. I don't think that I have ever had as bad a lunch out with my children as I did today. My mother was being so good, I was losing my temper and she kept trying to keep the children calm and in line despite the great challenge that they were presenting. We almost left after ordering our drinks!

Although they barely ate any of their food, we all felt a little better and headed to the little town spray park. They transformed the old pool that I used to lifeguard at into a cute little spray park. The boys had a otn of fun bopping between that and the playground. Brought them back and essentially tried to get out of there as quick as possible so that the baby didn't freak.

Took the oldest out for dinner and now we're home for a quiet night at home. I plan to do nothing until I go to bed. Tomorrow will be a little more active... especially since the Harry Potter book will be here!! Woo Hoo!

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